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  • Reid Announces $1 Million Urban Area Security Initiative Grant For Las Vegas

    Nevada Senator Harry Reid today announced that Las Vegas will receive $1 million from the Department of Homeland Security because of the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grant. This grant comes as part of a larger grant for Nevada including $3.7 million for the State Homeland Security Program.

  • Reid Remarks In Remembrance of Special Agent John Gibson And Officer Jacob Chestnut

    There are people here who are assigned to do everything they can to keep this magnificent Capitol safe. In 1998, two of those dedicated police officers gave their lives while protecting the Capitol. They were Special Agent John Gibson and Officer Jacob Chestnut. I know nothing can make up for the loss of a cherished loved one, but I hope their families and friends take some comfort knowing that those of us who were here that day hold them in our memories and in our hearts.

  • Reid Announces McCarran Airport Selected For Pilot Program To Reduce Customs Wait Times For Tourists

    Nevada Senator Harry Reid announced today that McCarran International Airport has been chosen to participate in a Department of Homeland Security public-private partnership that will expand services of U.S. Customs and Border Protection personnel.

  • Reid Remarks On Ending Corporate Citizenship Scams

    Now 113 years later, the Walgreen family no longer heads the company. But there are over 8,200 drugstores nationwide that still bear the Walgreen name. The company that Charles Walgreen started is reportedly considering a renunciation of its American citizenship and a move to Switzerland, just to avoid paying its fair share of taxes. Re-established as a foreign corporation, Walgreen’s would be required to pay a smaller share of taxes. This practice, what some call “inversion,” is a tax trick – a loophole.

  • Reid Remarks On Protecting American Jobs

    Over the past several months Americans have heard Senate Democrats speak at length about giving working families a fair shot. What do we mean when we say that? A fair shot is about making sure Americans have good jobs. It’s about ensuring that workers receive fair, livable wages, so they can put a roof over their children’s heads and food on the table. A fair shot is the idea that each hard-working American deserves an opportunity to achieve a measure of prosperity. But it all begins with jobs.

  • Reid Remarks On The Humanitarian Crisis Facing The Southern Border

    We are facing a humanitarian crisis at our southern border. Thousands of migrants, mainly children, have fled to our border and to other countries in the region to escape the growing violence in Central America. Most of these children come from three countries – Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala – where crime and lawlessness have overrun the people.

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