Republicans Filibuster Unemployment Insurance For 1.7 Million Americans

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On Thursday, February 6, Republicans once again blocked a bill to renew emergency unemployment insurance, turning their backs on 1.7 million unemployed Americans and their families.

The vote was the third time that Republicans have refused to back a bill that would restore the benefits since they expired on December 28, 2013.

Senator Reid and Senate Democrats attempted to reach a compromise on Thursday’s vote by agreeing to key Republican demands. “We’ve done everything Republicans have asked,” Senator Harry Reid said. “We have compromised on every one of their demands.”

Democrats Compromise On Unemployment Insurance

But despite these concessions, 41 Republican Senators still blocked the legislation.

41 Republicans Block Unemployment Insurance

While Republicans continued to come up with reasons to oppose working with Democrats, their own unemployed constituents and state economies have felt the damaging effects of GOP obstruction.

The amount of people who lost their benefits grows by 72,000 every week. Without this critical lifeline, unemployed Americans are struggling to continue their job search and provide for their families.

Following the vote, Senator Reid said, “All we need is one more Republican vote to step up, do the right thing, and cross the aisle. We’re going to bring this vote up again sometime.”

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