Senate Democrats Are #Up4Climate

Senate Democrats held an all-night talkathon on the Senate floor to stand up for climate change.

Senate Breaks Nominations Gridlock

The rules change brought about by Senator Reid and the Democratic Caucus is already providing important results in breaking the gridlock that has stymied the efficiency of government over the past few years …

Republicans Vote To Block Nominations, Then Flip To Support Them

Since Senator Reid and the Democratic Caucus voted to change the rules governing nominations, Senate Republicans have routinely voted to block nominations that they themselves support.

Bipartisan Budget Deal Passes In The Senate

On Tuesday, December 17th, the Senate voted 67-33 to clear a key procedural hurdle for the bipartisan Senate bill. A final vote is expected on Wednesday afternoon.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Launches New, Redesigned Website

The Office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is launching a redesigned website (at featuring a sleek new look with more transparency tools and better accessibility. The redesign process was governed by three key principles: 1) More dynamic, shareable, real-time content on the homepage; 2) Simplified, cleaner navigation for citizens to find the content they’re looking for; 3) User-friendly customized WordPress content management system to allow staff to easily post content. The site will feature a first-of-its-kind VoteTracker, allowing citizens to monitor Senator Reid’s legislative agenda and his most recent votes. The redesigned site includes the most robust Spanish-language website on the Hill (at FEATURES: VoteTracker: Get a snapshot of the latest votes in the Senate, see how… Read more »

Raising The Minimum Wage Would Create 140,000 Jobs

The Senate may soon take up a bill to increase the minimum wage to $10 per hour, which would boost the economy and create jobs in every state.