Welcome to the issues section of my website, where you can learn more about specific issues that directly affect Nevadans and our country. As your senior senator, I work every day to improve the quality of life in our state. Whether it is investing in our children’s education, working to keep our state and nation safe, or providing access to more affordable and accessible health care, Nevada will always come first. To find out more about specific issues and my legislative record in each area, please select from the list below.


The well-being of our children and youth should always be a priority, as they are our most important investment in the future of our state and the nation. Please visit my children’s page to learn more about my efforts to improve the lives of Nevada’s future leaders on issues such as child welfare, juvenile justice, education, and tax relief for families with children.

Civil Rights and Equality

While our country has made great strides in ensuring equal rights for all, we still have a long way to go to guarantee the civil rights of every American. From fighting to ensure that every eligible voter is able to exercise his or her right to cast a ballot to prohibiting employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, you can be assured that I will continue to be an advocate for the equal rights of all Americans.


America’s Armed Forces are unequaled in strength and unrivaled in professionalism.. As our troops continue to serve in Afghanistan we must ensure that our military stays the strongest, most cutting edge fighting force in the world. As Nevada’s service members and premier military facilities make valuable contributions to America’s defense, I remain committed to ensuring that Nevada’s military personnel and their families have the support they need, including pay, benefits, and lifelong care.


While the Nevada economy continues to recover from the recession, families across the state continue to face challenges in the job and housing markets.  I hear from these families every day, strengthening my resolve to do all I can to help put Nevadans back to work.  Policies enacted by Congress and the Obama Administration over the past few years have helped improve our economy, create jobs, and improve the housing market. But more still needs to be done, and I will continue to work to help put Nevadans back to work and provide relief to middle class families and small businesses.


Education is the single-most important investment we can make in our nation’s future and I understand the importance of providing every child in Nevada and the nation with a quality education. From my first years as a freshman Congressman to my current role as Democratic Leader of the United States Senate, I have worked to provide more resources for Nevada schools, and supported legislation to improve student achievement, retain quality teachers and attract new teachers to Nevada, and better prepare our children for a successful future.


Nevada and the nation must aggressively meet the challenge posed by our nation’s dangerous reliance on oil and dirty fossil fuels because they are jeopardizing the future of our economy, environment, and national security. Thankfully, Nevada and the nation can help meet this challenge by building a clean energy future that takes advantage of our vast renewable energy resources.


Preserving Nevada’s natural beauty and wilderness and ensuring a clean environment for future generations is one of the best legacies we can leave to our children. We always will need clean water to drink and safe air to breathe. While we have made much progress over the last thirty years, it is critical that we maintain our strong commitment to safeguarding our nation’s natural heritage and protecting our environment.

Health Care

I want to make quality, affordable health care available to every Nevadan by cutting costs, improving quality, and expanding access. As the Affordable Care Act is implemented, I am working to ensure that Nevadans benefit from the law. I am also committed to protecting Nevadans from existing and emerging threats to health by funding biomedical research, investing in prevention, and improving our public health infrastructure.

Homeland Security

Police, firefighters, and emergency personnel are our first line in securing our country, and we must provide them with the necessary resources they need to protect Nevada’s residents and the more than 50 million tourists that visit Las Vegas and Reno every year.  It is important to protect our state when you consider that  McCarran International Airport is the nation’s tenth busiest airport, and Southern Nevada is home to twelve of the twenty largest hotels in the world.  In the event of an emergency such as a terrorist attack, our local emergency responders are essential to ensuring the safety and security of residents and visitors alike.


While the housing market in Nevada has improved in recent years, Nevada remains among the states hardest hit by the housing downturn and continues to have one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. I know the difficulties that foreclosures bring not only to individual homeowners, but entire communities and local and state governments. Thousands Nevada families have been impacted – either directly suffering the loss of a home through foreclosure or by the severe depreciation of home values in the area. I assure you I am taking every opportunity, whether through additional federal funding or programs, to help more Nevada families address these challenges.


Our nation is a nation of immigrants, where the values of family, hard work and love of country are what defines us. Our grandparents and great-grandparents came here to pursue the American dream, and we should honor that proud heritage as we try to create an immigration process that works.

Law Enforcement

When I was raising my family and attending law school, I also worked as a U.S. Capitol Police Officer. Today, I still feel a special bond with those who protect our communities. Throughout my time in Congress, I have been working hard at the federal level to provide more resources for our law enforcement community to help them meet the greater demands of homeland security since September 11th , and to make Nevada a better and safer place to live.

Social Security

Social Security reflects the best of America’s values. It promises all Americans that if they work hard and play by the rules, they can retire and live in dignity. Social Security is not a handout. It is a benefit that senior citizens earn, by working and paying into the system.


I have always been committed to making our tax system fairer.  I have focused on protecting the rights of our nation’s taxpayers by reforming the IRS, providing relief to middle-class taxpayers, and closing tax loopholes that create all the wrong incentives and benefit only the wealthiest in this economy.


Technology continues to transform our economy. That is why I have worked to strengthen Nevada’s high-tech sector, to close the digital divide, and to provide our students with the skills they need to succeed in high-tech industries. I was proud to have been recognized by a number of high tech advocacy organizations for my work on this issue, and I will continue doing everything I can at the federal level to maintain America’s global competitiveness.


After years of extraordinary growth in Nevada, our transportation infrastructure is stretched to the limit. Our state is also one of the most-visited states with millions of tourists traveling to Nevada each year. As a result, we must continue to invest in our transportation infrastructure to meet the needs of our residents, reduce traffic congestion, accidents, and pollution, and create the world-class transportation system Nevadans deserve. This is why improving our transportation system is one of my top priorities. Throughout my time in the Senate, I worked to bring billions in federal funds to Nevada to build better roads, public transit, and airports across our state.


I have always supported our nation’s veterans during my time in Congress and believe we all owe a debt to the millions of Americans who have served in our Armed Services, including the 300,000 veterans who call Nevada home.


I share the concerns of many women in Nevada who worry about access to quality health care, advancing in the workplace, and supporting their families. We must continue to address the needs of half of Nevada’s residents, or the more than one million women who call the Silver State home. Throughout my time in Congress, I have launched several initiatives to expand opportunities and open doors for Nevada women.