Reid Statement On Resignation Of Kathleen Sebelius And Nomination Of Sylvia Mathews Burwell

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ legacy will reside in the millions of uninsured who are now able to access affordable health insurance. And it will reside in those who will receive better, more affordable care than they did in the days when insurance companies could deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions or charge women more than men for the same care.

Reid Discusses Pacquiao-Bradley II

“The last Pacquiao Bradley fight, Pacquiao was robbed. It’s not just me…

Reid Statement on Joe Dini

“I am deeply saddened by the loss of my good friend, Joe Dini…

Reid Meets Members Of Fast For Families To Talk About Immigration Reform

Nevada Senator Harry Reid met with Eliseo Medina and members of Fast for Families to discuss immigration reform. Senator Reid emphasized the importance of pressuring House Speaker John Boehner for a vote on the House floor.

Reid Remarks On Senate Republicans’ Determination To Block Debate On Equal Pay Legislation

Today the Senate will vote on whether to begin debate on the Paycheck Fairness Act. This much-needed legislation provides important protections for women in the workplace. It addresses wage disparities by helping women negotiate for equal pay. And it empowers workers to fight back against wage discrimination. This is a good bill. It helps working women in Nevada and across the country. But for some unknown reason, Senate Republicans do not appear to be interested in closing the wage gap for working women. Four years ago, they filibustered this legislation. Two years later, they did the same thing. Now, for a third time, the Paycheck Fairness Act is before us and we have the opportunity to begin debate on the bill. And yet again, Senate Republicans have indicated that they may not let us even begin the debate.