Reid Statement On July Employment Report

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Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement on the July employment report. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the economy added 209,000 jobs in July, while the unemployment rate is at 6.2%.

 “Today’s report shows that our economy continues to strengthen. However, there are still far too many middle class Nevadans and Americans struggling to find a job and make ends meet.

“Congress must act to ensure a fair shot for all Americans by creating jobs and strengthening the middle class. But rather than focus on job creation, House Republicans have voted to sue the President. Senate Republicans have blocked votes to raise the minimum wage, ensure equal pay for women, and make college more affordable for middle class families.

“Senate Democrats have offered legislation that strengthens the middle class. We’ve introduced bills that make job creating investments in our nation’s infrastructure and reduce taxes on American companies willing to keep jobs in America. And we have introduced bills to cut taxes for hardworking homeowners, families, students, and small businesses.

“When we return in September, Senate Democrats stand ready to pass legislation creating jobs, cutting taxes for businesses and middle class families, renewing the Export-Import Bank, and extending the Internet Tax Freedom Act. It is my hope that Republicans will put politics aside and join us in acting on critical legislation that ensures a fair shot for all Americans.”

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