Reid Statement On Administration Announcement Of EPA Clean Power Plan

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Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the ‘Clean Power Plan’ to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants:

“The EPA’s proposed plan is a crucial step towards improving the efficiency of our nations power grid, investing in clean energy and reducing pollution. The proposal grants states flexibility while making important progress on avoiding the terrible costs of carbon pollution on our nation’s economy, the health of our citizens, and the sustainability of our planet.

“Since 2010, Nevada has seen investments of over $5.5 billion in clean energy generation and infrastructure. These investments have created thousands of jobs and provided a much needed boost to our state’s economy. Clean renewable energy development and efficiency will lead the way towards a cleaner and more resilient future. Addressing climate change, cutting pollution, and creating jobs through clean energy is the right thing to do, and we need a national policy to put our country on the right course to achieve these goals. Our planet, our children and seniors, and our public health will be greatly strengthened by the EPA’s protections.”


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