Reid Announces $25.4 Million in PILT Funding for Nevada Counties

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Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid today announced Nevada counties will receive more than $25 million in federal Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) from the US Department of the Interior—a record-high funding level. The Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) program compensates counties and local governments for non-taxable federal land in their jurisdictions. In 2008, Reid spearheaded the legislation that fully funds PILT to ensure that Nevada’s rural communities have sufficient funding for important public programs. Since then, Reid has worked to ensure the PILT program has been fully funded.  PILT was included in the Farm Bill of 2014, which Reid strongly supported and shepherded through the Senate.

“PILT funding has a remarkable impact for Nevada counties,” said Senator Harry Reid. “Over 85 percent of the land in Nevada is owned by the federal government, making it essential that Nevada receive its fair share. These funds support rural communities across Nevada in funding high-quality education, law enforcement, and healthcare systems. I have worked hard to make sure that these crucial programs are fully-funded, and I am grateful that Congress was able to extend these provisions this year. I will work to ensure PILT is again funded for this upcoming fiscal year.”

PILT is paid to counties to compensate for the loss of tax revenue due to federal land ownership. The formula used to compute the payments is based on population levels, receipt sharing payments, and the amount of Federal land within an affected county. PILT is currently set to expire at the end of September 2014. The President’s FY2015 Budget Submission to Congress included a one-year extension of PILT and Reid will work for full-funding for PILT in FY 2015 and beyond. Under the current formula for the program, Nevada’s PILT payments rose roughly $2.1 million from $23.3 million to $25.4 million.


The breakdown of PILT funds by county is as follows:

Carson City                       $120,016

Churchill County           $2,199,782

Clark County                    $3,331,831

Douglas County            $653,884

Elko County                     $3,463,465

Esmeralda County       $132,620

Eureka County                $348,149

Humboldt County        $1,718,685

Lander County                $976,642

Lincoln County               $869,069

Lyon County                    $2,080,651

Mineral County              $696,817

Nye County                      $3,074,855

Pershing County           $1,072,835

Storey County                $37,402

Washoe County             $3,446,375

White Pine County       $1,216,406



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