Reid Statement on the Grand Opening of the Nevada Air National Guard Indoor Shooting Facility

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Washington, D.C.Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement on the opening of the new Nevada Air National Guard Indoor Shooting Facility. Senator Reid was instrumental in securing the funding in the 2011 Defense Appropriations bill for the Nevada Air National Guard to construct the Modular Containerized Small Arms Training Set (MCSATS), and it is currently the only facility of its kind in the National Guard Bureau.

 “Nevada’s National Guard Airmen and Soldiers deserve nothing but the best facilities, equipment, and training. And I was happy to help secure funding for this new state-of-the-art shooting range to ensure our guardsmen and women are  properly trained to operate in a myriad of combat conditions. This facility will simulate different scenarios for training purposes, and I am pleased to announce that this is the first and currently the only facility of its kind in the National Guard.

“Additionally, the company that constructs these systems is located right in Las Vegas—contributing to a small business in our local economy while supporting our state’s military mission. As always, I stand committed to ensuring our nation’s military personnel and veterans receive the proper support they have earned, and deserve.”


The MCSATS is a modular pre‐engineered Zero Surface Danger Zone (SDZ) live‐fire training range that has been in use by US military units since 2001. Currently, National Guard soldiers and airmen must travel from the armory to a distant range facility in order to conduct live fire exercises. This travel is costly, time consuming, and logistically burdensome because of the range operation requirements. The time required for this travel, which can be several hours, limits the time that can be spent on training once at the range. National Guard units also encounter ever increasing range and training limitations due to environmental and encroachment issues. The use of MCSATS, which can be employed anywhere, to include cantonment areas, will increase available training time, thus increasing individual proficiency and unit readiness, while reducing a myriad of logistical costs. The use of the M-SATS will completely eliminate environmental issues such as lead abatement and encroachment.

To date, 85 MCSATS are being utilized in a total of 45 stateside and overseas locations. This will be the first MCSATS in the National Guard. Funding was urgently needed to field MCSATS to assist National Guard Commanders in meeting live-fire pre-deployment training requirements for units preparing for deployment to Southwest Asia.


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