Reid Statement On Republicans’ Refusal To Protect Women’s Health Care Decisions

Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement today after Senate Republicans blocked legislation protecting women’s access to affordable health care.

“Today, Senate Republicans blocked legislation that would have made it illegal for any company to deny their employees and dependents specific health benefits required by federal law, like birth control. Senate Republicans continue to demonstrate that they are out of touch with women across America. Just last week the Republican Leader declared that ‘most of the barriers have been lowered’ for women. Today, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Republicans are insisting that the disastrous Supreme Court decision in Hobby Lobby – which allows corporate bosses to deny employees and their dependents contraceptive coverage without any cost-sharing – does not impact women’s access to birth control. Despite Republican obstruction, Senate Democrats will keep working to end this type of discrimination against women.

“We cannot allow Congressional Republicans or five men on the Supreme Court to reverse measures that have improved women’s access to affordable health care, including contraception. I authored bipartisan legislation – which is now law – that requires contraceptive coverage for federal employees. I have long supported increased funding for Title X and expanding family planning benefits under Medicaid in order to reduce the rate of unintended pregnancy and improve women’s health – all while lowering health care spending. And thanks to the Affordable Care Act, over 30 million women in Nevada and across the country recently became eligible for expanded preventive services coverage without any copays or deductibles. We will continue to stand up to ensure that a woman’s boss cannot interfere with her personal health care decisions.”