Reid Statement On CBO Report Showing Minimum Wage Bill Will Give A Raise To Over 16 Million Americans

Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement regarding the CBO report on the effects of increasing the minimum wage:

“The Koch brothers made over $18 billion in 2013 alone, but middle-class families have watched their incomes stagnate for decades. Our economy should work for everyone, not just the top one percent. Hard-working Americans deserve a raise, and this new report shows that over 16 million Americans will receive a raise from an increase in the minimum wage, while 97 percent of those whose wages are affected will see them affected positively.

“If my Republican colleagues have their own ideas for how to raise Americans’ income, we are ready and willing to work with them. I hope Republicans will seek to work across the aisle with Democrats on this issue instead of just blindly obstructing as they have done in the past.”