Reid Statement On The Passing Of Former Senator Jim Jeffords

Reno, Nevada– Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement today after the passing of former Senator Jim Jeffords:

 “I am so sad to hear of the passing of Former Senator Jim Jeffords and my deepest sympathy goes to his family during this time. Throughout Jim’s time in the Senate he left an important mark on the history of the institution. He faithfully served Vermont for over 30 years in Congress. He was a strong supporter of helping people with disabilities and always fought for the underdog. Jim was a model of a great legislator who avoided partisan politics and fought for what was best for the people of Vermont. In 2001 he changed the makeup of the Senate by switching from a Republican to an Independent and caucusing with the Democrats. History will remember Senator Jeffords as a courageous man who listened to his conscience, and I will always respect him for doing so.”