Reid Statement Celebrating Labor Day

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Las Vegas, NV – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement in recognition of Labor Day, which will be observed on Monday, September 1st:

“On this Labor Day, we honor the legacy of workers organizing and fighting for their rights. But as we honor the hardworking men and women of America, we must remember the many middle class families in Nevada, and across the country struggling to make ends meet.

“Senate Democrats have worked to ensure a fair shot for all. We fought to raise the federal minimum wage, extend unemployment benefits, and ensure equal pay for equal work for women. Rather than joining us in strengthening the middle class, Senate Republicans obstructed legislation that would strengthen American workers. In addition, House Republicans have decided to waste tax payer money on an election-year stunt to sue President Obama.

“When the Senate returns, Democrats will look again to help students and middle class families. I hope my Republican colleagues will join us in strengthening the economic security of middle class Americans as we continue to fight for a fair shot for all.”

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