Reid Statement On Senate Republicans Vote To Send American Jobs Overseas

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Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement today after Senate Republicans voted to kill the Bring Jobs Home Act, which would protect American jobs and encourage future job creation in America:

“Today, Senate Republicans have voted yet again to keep American workers from having a fair shot at a good, secure job. This bill would have ended the ridiculous practice of American taxpayers picking up the tab for companies moving abroad and sending American jobs overseas. In Nevada alone, this bill would have protected 150,000 jobs.

“It’s imperative that we not only promote job growth, but also protect the jobs our constituents already have. Republicans voted against an increase in the minimum wage; they voted against equal pay for women; they voted against cost-cutting energy efficiency; they voted against student loan refinancing. One has to wonder when Republicans in Congress will start to focus on the many families who depend on the jobs Senate Democrats tried to protect today.

“I will continue to act on behalf of Nevada, and America’s middle class, to pass bills that give Americans a fair shot at a good, secure job.

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