Reid Remarks On Cybersecurity Legislation

Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid spoke on the Senate floor today about the cybersecurity legislation that is before the Senate. Below are his remarks:

Today, the Senate turns its attention to a cybersecurity bill. The Ranking Member of the Intelligence Committee, Senator Feinstein, and the Chairman of that committee, Senator Burr, have worked hard on this legislation, which addresses a serious national security issue. In fact, it’s so serious that we should have addressed this topic long ago. We tried to. At least Senate Democrats did. We were ready to do a comprehensive cybersecurity bill three years ago. But our Republican colleagues blocked us from even debating the bill because the Chamber of Commerce opposed it.

Democrats, however, realize this is such a serious issue.  We know how important improving cybersecurity is for the national security of our country, and the financial security of our economy. We are cooperating with our Republican colleagues.  Several months ago we reached an agreement with Republicans to begin debating this cybersecurity legislation. And now that we are on it, I hope that we can process it in an efficient and bipartisan matter.