Reid Statement on Republicans’ Record-Breaking Obstruction of Merrick Garland

Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement as Judge Merrick Garland became the first Supreme Court nominee forced to wait 125 days for a hearing or vote. Because of Republican obstruction, Judge Garland has now waited longer than any Supreme Court nominee in history:

“Today marks yet another shameful milestone for Senate Republicans. Despite his outstanding record and qualifications, Republicans have obstructed Judge Garland’s nomination in a way faced by no other Supreme Court nominee in our nation’s history. Sadly, Republicans have chosen to break records for obstruction so that Donald Trump can handpick his Supreme Court.

“Instead of taking the longest Senate vacation in more than 60 years to coronate a bigot they want to shape the Supreme Court in his own image, Republicans should return to Washington and give Judge Garland the fair hearing and vote that he deserves. Once again, Republicans’ dysfunction and refusal to do their jobs has made history for all the wrong reasons.

“The American people want a functioning judicial system and a full Supreme Court. They deserve a Senate that strives to break through gridlock, not create more of it. The American people do not want historic obstruction and partisan excuses. Through its record-breaking dysfunction, the Republican Senate has ensured it will be remembered for its complete and total refusal to its job when it counts.”