Reid Remarks On Honoring Native American Code Talkers

These brave soldiers, these Code Talkers, had a special gift – their sacred languages – and they selflessly shared that gift with their country. Their gift saved countless lives and helped win the war. And their willingness to share it made them American heroes.

Reid Remarks on Defense Authorization Legislation

“The National Defense Authorization Act… safeguards this nation, ensures our troops have the resources and training they need, and provides for the military families who support our fighting men and women.”  “We cannot complete this bill until we debate and vote on the sexual assault and Guantanamo provisions. Unfortunately, last night Republicans objected to my request to schedule votes on these amendments.” “This is a serious bill and it deserves a serious debate – not to be bogged down by unrelated political issues… I will not allow this important legislation to be sidetracked by debates and amendments unrelated to our nation’s defense.” Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid spoke on the Senate floor today regarding consideration of the National… Read more »

Reid Remarks on Republican Obstruction of Judicial Nominees

Today the United States Senate will consider yet another qualified nominee to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, considered by many the second highest court in the land. It is troubling that Senate Republicans, for the fourth time this year, appear poised to reject an exceedingly capable nominee to this court for blatantly political reasons.

Republicans have blocked three highly qualified female D.C. Circuit nominees in a row – Caitlin Halligan, Patricia Millett and Nina Pillard. Today they are expected to block confirmation of District Judge Robert Wilkins, a competent and experienced nominee with bipartisan support.

Reid Statement on Nevada’s September Employment Report

“The falling unemployment rate in Nevada shows that we are on the right track to economic recovery, but we still have a long way to go. We must remain committed to creating opportunities for businesses to grow and thrive. The disastrous Republican government shutdown did not help. But I hope that Republicans now will come to the negotiating table in good faith, and help us develop a bipartisan budget plan that creates jobs and strengthens our economy.”

Reid Statement on Affordable Care Act

“Today we saw a clear contrast: Democrats are working to fix and improve the Affordable Care Act, while Republicans still want to go back to the days when insurance companies could deny people coverage for pre-existing conditions, treat being a woman as a pre-existing condition, and watch health care costs drive families into bankruptcy. The fix proposed by President Obama today is an important step towards addressing a problem that has arisen and if we need to do more, we will.”

Reid Statement Following DOE Public Meetings on Plan to Ship Uranium Canisters

“Following yesterday’s public meeting, I remain concerned about DOE’s plans to store Consolidated Edison Uranium Solidification Project (CEUSP) canisters at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS). With the information I have today, I still do not support the transportation of these canisters. I’m pleased that DOE and the Governor’s office continue discussions on this proposal through the Working Group. My office will remain apprised of these discussions.”

Reid Sobre Legislación Para La Verificación De Medicamentos

“El Centro de Preparación de Nueva Inglaterra estaba evadiendo normas federales y creando grandes cantidades de medicamentos al mismo tiempo en condiciones insalubres. El proyecto de ley que estamos considerando, terminará con esta peligrosa práctica y asegurará que todos los pacientes tengan acceso a medicamentos de alta calidad”.

Reid Remarks On Prescription Drug Safety

“True compounding pharmacies provide custom medications for patients with unique health needs that cannot be treated by off-the-shelf prescription medicines. This practice can be critical for children, cancer patients and people with allergies.”

Reid Remarks on Republican Filibuster of Qualified Judicial Nominees, Drug Safety Legislation

“It is unfortunate that Republicans have chosen to filibuster the nomination of yet another talented female jurist and dedicated public servant to fill a vacant seat on [the D.C. Circuit] court.” “This bipartisan [compounding] legislation will ensure drugs manufactured in factories and mixed in pharmacies across the country are safe for consumers.” “The Defense Authorization bill… ensures the safety of this nation and its dedicated service members, and it is more important than any one senator or any one senator’s parochial or political pet issues.” Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid spoke on the Senate floor to offer condolences on the death of Senator James Inhofe’s son, on a terrible typhoon that hit the Philippines, on another Republican filibuster of a… Read more »