Reid Remarks On The Need To Extend Unemployment Insurance

Last week President Obama addressed Congress and the nation, and described the challenges facing families in America: wages are too low, the cost of education is too high and there are simply too few jobs. Each of these challenges places another stumbling block in front of Americans striving to enter the middle class. And unless we open the doors of opportunity to every child in this nation, our grandchildren will work longer and harder than we did just to get by, let alone to get ahead.

Reid Remarks On The Need To Restore Emergency Unemployment Insurance

As we continue to work toward final passage of the farm bill conference report, a bipartisan group of Senators has been working behind the scenes to reach an agreement to restore emergency unemployment benefits to 1.6 million Americans. In the three weeks since Republicans filibustered a bill to extend this important program, 220,000 more Americans have lost their benefits. And state economies across the country have suffered, as unemployed people who were already getting by on so little find ways to survive on even less.

Reid Statement On Black History Month

“This, and every February during Black History Month, we honor those proud African-Americans who chose to stand up and fight for what was right and celebrate the achievements of those who are contributing to making our community and our nation a better place.

Reid Statement on the Lunar New Year

“Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to watch our state grow and am proud to represent a diverse constituency…

Senators Reid And McCain Join Boxing, MMA Executives To Support Professional Fighters

Senators Reid and McCain Join Boxing, MMA Executives to Support Professional Fighters Study at Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health U.S. Capitol Building Tuesday, February 4, 2014 Washington, DC Read article about this event:

Reid Remarks On Giving Every American A Fair Shot At Success

Over the last 45 months America’s private sector has added more than 8 million jobs. The stock market has soared. Productivity has never been higher. And Americans have even started building and buying houses again. But while the economy is gaining momentum, for too many Americans the hopeful headlines don’t match their grim reality.

Reid Statement On President Obama’s State Of The Union Address

“President Obama tonight described the progress we’ve made as a nation and pointed the way to where we need to go. Middle class families in Nevada and all across the country are working harder than ever and they are looking to us in Washington to do our jobs as well. Giving hard-working Americans a raise by increasing the minimum wage is a good place to start. The Senate will vote on this proposal in the coming weeks, and I hope Republicans will join us in turning this and other common-sense proposals into law. When everyone has a shot at the American Dream, our entire nation prospers.”

Reid Remarks On Flood Insurance And The Importance Of Restoring Emergency Unemployment Benefits

Today the Senate will vote to advance legislation that will protect millions of homeowners and small businesses from drastic increases in flood insurance premiums. This bipartisan measure will save many homeowners thousands of dollars a year and protect America’s recovering housing market. Since higher premiums would kick in whenever a home is sold, still-struggling housing markets across the country could stumble if Congress allows flood insurance rates to skyrocket. The bill before the Senate will preserve current rates until the Federal Emergency Management Agency submits a plan to keep premiums reasonable and provide stability to home and business owners.