Reid Remarks On One Year ‘Doc Fix’ And The Need To Extend Emergency Unemployment Benefits

For the millions of elderly Americans and their doctors this fix is good news. It means the promise of accessible, quality health care to our nation’s seniors is being honored for another year. So, while I am pleased with this temporary patch, I hope it is our last. In the meantime, I extend my deep appreciation to Senator Wyden the Chairman of the Finance Committee for his work to bring stability to the Medicare payment program. From the moment he assumed the gavel on the Finance Committee, Senator Wyden has hit the ground running on this issue, as well as reforming the entire tax code. I support his efforts to pay for the Medicare payment patch with funds from the Overseas Contingency Operations program – money left over from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Reid Commemorates Cesar Chavez Day

Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement today commemorating Cesar Chavez day. Cesar Chavez, who founded the National Farm Workers Association, fought to institute a minimum wage, worked for access to clean drinking water for farm workers, and advocated for equal pay for equal work. A World War II Navy veteran, Chavez was also the recipient of the Navy’s highest honor with the commissioning of the United States Naval Ship (USNS) Cesar Chavez in 2011.

Reid Remarks On The Bipartisan Ukraine Aid Package And The Need To Extend Emergency Unemployment Benefits

The Senate took a step in the right direction yesterday. In response to Russia’s destabilizing actions in Ukraine my colleagues and I came to an agreement to vote on the bipartisan Senate Foreign Relations bill this Thursday. This important measure not only aids Ukraine but it also punishes President Putin and his cronies for their unlawful aggression. But it also sends the world a clear message, we stand with Ukraine.

Reid Remarks On Ukraine Aid Bill And The Anniversary Of The Affordable Care Act

As we begin debate on this aid and sanctions package, I also hope that Republicans who stopped action on this legislation prior to the break have considered how their obstruction affects United States’ national security as well as the people of Ukraine. Since a few Republicans blocked these important sanctions last work period, Russian lawmakers voted to annex Crimea and Russian forces have taken over Ukrainian military bases. It’s impossible to know whether events would have unfolded differently if the United States had responded to Russian aggression with a strong, unified voice. When a few extremist Republicans blocked action on this robust bill reported with strong, bipartisan support by the Foreign Relations Committee, it sent a dangerous message to Russian leaders.

Reid Announces Departure Of Senate Sergeant At Arms Terry Gainer

“Terry has spent 47 years of his life dedicated to law enforcement at the federal, state, and city level and throughout his years of military service. I know he looks forward to spending more time with his wife, Irene, their six children, and 14 grandchildren, and also to pursuing private sector opportunities,” said Reid. “Terry is one of the finest public servants I have ever met and I am grateful for all he has done for our community.”