Reid Remarks On The Need To Extend Unemployment Benefits

“Another day has passed, and the vast majority of Republican Senators still stand in the way of extended unemployment benefits. But I understand that some Republican Senators are having productive conversations about possible offsets for a full-year extension of unemployment insurance benefits.

Reid Remarks on Greg Maddux Induction Into the Baseball Hall of Fame

“Today, Nevada’s greatest baseball hero – in fact, one of the greatest baseball heroes, not of Nevada, but of all time – was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Greg Maddux is an extremely nice man, a man of humility.

Reid Remarks on the Need to Extend Emergency Unemployment Benefits

“Yesterday’s vote to advance a measure that would extend a lifeline to Americans who lost their jobs during the Great Recession was a positive development. But we are a long way from restoring benefits to 1.3 million people who have been looking for work for months. The few Republicans willing to even debate this measure have already threatened to vote against even a short-term extension unless it is fully paid for.

Reid Remarks on the Need to Extend Unemployment Insurance

Over the last 45 months America’s private sector has added more than 8 million jobs. The stock market is booming and even the housing market is starting to show signs of life. It is clear that the economy is finally picking up steam.

Reid Remarks on Need to Extend Unemployment Insurance

“Welcome back. I am optimistic that the New Year will bring a renewed spirit of cooperation to this chamber.

Last year, the United States Senate passed a number of momentous pieces of legislation, including comprehensive immigration reform, a budget agreement and a bill to prevent workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. But there is also a great deal left undone.

Statement From The Office Of Senator Reid

Senator Reid has been released from the hospital and is back at home with his wife, Landra.

Reid, Heller Release Discussion Draft On Greater Sage-Grouse

“The possible listing of the Greater sage-grouse as an endangered species will have major ramifications on rural life and the economies in Nevada and throughout the west…

Reid Statement on Nevada’s November Employment Report

“Nevada, and the nation, are showing signs of economic improvement—and this is good news. However, Nevada still has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, and we must do everything we can to create opportunities for job growth…