Reid Remarks On Energy Efficiency Legislation

“Shaheen-Portman is an energy efficiency bill, that, I’m told by Republicans, has ample bipartisan support. It will spur the use of energy efficiency technologies in private homes and commercial buildings, all at no cost to taxpayers… And it will create nearly 200,000 American jobs that cannot be exported.” “For the second time within a year, the passage of this bipartisan legislation is in question because Senate Republicans keep changing their requests.”  “I invite all of my Republican colleagues to work with us in good faith. Help us pass this bill which creates jobs, saves money and puts our country on the track to energy independence.” Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid spoke on the Senate floor today regarding the Shaheen-Portman… Read more »

Reid Remarks On National Travel and Tourism Week

This week is National Travel and Tourism Week. As the senior U.S. Senator from Nevada, I know how important the travel and tourism industry is to this nation’s economy. Las Vegas alone attracts some 40 million visitors each year, 8 million of whom travel from across the globe. All told, travel and tourism generates $45 billion in revenue for the Las Vegas economy, while employing nearly 400,000 Nevadans. But this industry’s impact is not just unique to Nevada. Annually, travel and tourism contribute $2.1 trillion to the national economy and supply almost 15 million jobs to Americans. In fact, tourism is this nation’s number one export.

Reid Remarks On Cinco De Mayo And Incoming Senate Sergeant At Arms Drew Willison

Today I wish everyone, particularly Mexican-Americans, a very happy Cinco de Mayo. All Americans, regardless of background, join with the Mexican-American community in commemorating the causes of freedom, liberty and Hispanic heritage represented by this holiday. We just passed a resolution appointing Drew Willison as the Sergeant-at-Arms of the United States Senate. The importance of this appointment cannot be overstated. While Senators and their staffs come and go, the office of the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms provides much-needed stability and support to this institution.

Reid Statement On April Employment Report

Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement on the April employment report. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the economy added 288,000 jobs in April, while the unemployment rate fell to 6.3 percen

Reid Calls On NFL To Take Aggressive Action Against Daniel Snyder In Wake Of NBA’s Decisive Action Against Donald Sterling

Yesterday, all of America watched as Commissioner Adam Silver and the NBA acted justly in punishing Donald Sterling for his hateful, racist behavior. Commissioner Silver banned Mr. Sterling from the NBA for life and imposed a stiff monetary penalty on him as well. I, along with all America, applaud the NBA’s work in swiftly moving to stamp out bigotry from its ranks.