Reid Statement On Newly Released Unemployment Numbers

Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement in response to the unemployment numbers released today by the United States Department of Labor:  “The unemployment numbers released today by the Labor Department show that the number of unemployed Nevadans increased by more than 20 percent in the last year. This is another reminder that the Bush administration’s ‘wait and see’ approach isn’t working in Nevada or anywhere else.  Bush continues to turn a blind eye to Nevadans suffering in this economic slump. In fact, just last month, he refused to extend unemployment insurance benefits to those most in need.  It’s time for a change.   “Our economy is suffering and, while economists are examining all the contributing… Read more »

Reid: Product Safety Bill A Victory for American Consumers

Washington, DC—Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement today after the U.S. Senate passed the Consumer Product Safety Commission bill, 79-13: “This is a victory for the American consumer and a strong statement that the Administration’s lax regulation standards on children’s safety are unacceptable. It is also a strong statement that the Administration’s hands-off, wait-and-see approach to governing doesn’t work.  “This bill gives the Consumer Product Safety Commission the resources, authority, and oversight it needs to protect our children from lead, dangerous toys and other unsafe products. For years now, the CPSC’s budget and staff had been slashed. It employed only one full-time tester in an under-equipped lab to test toy safety for the entire country. We simply cannot… Read more »

Reid Meets With Nevada County Commissioners

Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid met today with the executive committee of the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) to discuss Payment In Lieu of Taxes, water, land, and mining issues. “The Nevada Association of Counties was here to discuss how we can work together to met the needs of Nevada’s seventeen counties,” said Reid.  “One of the best ways to do this is by fully funding the Payment In Lieu of Taxes program.  I’ll continue working to ensure Nevada gets the PILT funding it needs so our rural communities can grow even stronger.” The federal government owns 87 percent of Nevada’s land, including 48 million acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land and 6 million acres of… Read more »

Reid, Ensign Announce Grant Funding For HIV Emergency Relief Project

Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senators Harry Reid and John Ensign announced today that Clark County Social Services has been awarded a continuation grant of $4.3 million for its HIV Emergency Relief Project. The grant directs 75 percent of the funds to be used for medical services and 25 percent to be used for support services for individuals and families with HIV.   “These funds will go a long way to provide the care needed by those living with HIV and AIDS in Southern Nevada,” said Reid.  “These funds will help to improve access to a number of services including primary medical care, medications, mental health treatment and case management.”   “This funding will help further the work done by Clark County… Read more »

Reid: Democrats Continue Working To Make Americans Safer And Our Economy Stronger

Washington, DC—Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement today on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Below are his remarks as prepared for delivery: IRAQ “This weekend, Americans spent another $800 million in Iraq. $400 million Saturday. $400 million Sunday. Another $400 million today. The month of February came to a close – another $12 billion spent in Iraq, another $12 billion, all borrowed. Yet for the hundreds of billions we’ve borrowed and spent on Iraq already, violence continues.  This morning brought news of two car bombs in Baghdad killing at least two dozen Iraqis. *** HOUSING CRISIS “Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz said this weekend that these billions upon billions spent in Iraq are largely responsible for our economic troubles… Read more »

Reid: Record-Breaking Oil Prices Underscore Need For Investment In Alternative Energy

Washington, DC—Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement today in response to news that oil prices reached $103.95 a barrel Monday – breaking a record set in 1980, when adjusted for inflation:   “As oil prices reach record highs in a weakening economy, Democrats remain committed to repealing Big Oil’s tax breaks and instead use that money to expand incentives for investing in energy-efficient vehicles and renewable energy.  Bush Republicans blocked our efforts to do so last year, but we will soon give them another chance to help lower prices at the pump and reduce our reliance on oil.     “A New York Times editorial noted today that three years ago President Bush said $55 oil was reason enough for… Read more »

Reid Statement On Women's History Month

Washington, DC– Nevada Senator Harry Reid released a statement today in celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day.   “Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day are important celebrations, not just of the depth of women’s contributions in all arenas, but of the progress the United States has made with regard to civil and human rights.    “Nevada has a rich history of female pioneers. As early as the mid 1800’s, Sarah Winnemucca became the first Native American woman to secure a copyright and to publish in the English language. Her many accomplishments have earned her a spot representing the Silver State in Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol. Around the same time, Hanna Clap founded the first co-educational school in… Read more »

Reid: Bush Republicans Again Reject Extension of Surveillance Law

 Washington, DC— Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement today on the floor of the U.S. Senate before asking unanimous consent for a 30-day extension of the Protect America Act. Bush Republicans objected, once again demonstrating that they are more interested in playing politics than keeping Americans safe:  “I want to say a few words about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance issue. Both the House and the Senate have passed bills to strengthen the 1978 FISA law. The House passed its bill in November, and we passed our bill two weeks ago.  “Since Senate passage, the Chairmen of the Senate and House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees have been working hard to resolve differences between the two bills. Democratic staff have… Read more »

Reid, In Letter, Urges The White House To Work With Democrats On Nominations

  Washington, DC— Nevada Senator Harry Reid sent the following letter to White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten, giving his view of the Administration’s stonewalling and refusal to negotiate on non-judicial nominations.  The text of the letter, and a list of pending Democratic nominations, is below:   February 28, 2008 Mr. Joshua Bolten Chief of Staff to the President The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C.  20500 Dear Mr. Bolten:   I am writing to provide you with my view of the current impasse on non-judicial nominations, my view of its origins and my view concerning how that impasse could be resolved.   As you know, I have the statutory authority to make recommendations to the President… Read more »

Reid, In Letter, Urges Bush To Work With Democrats To Address Housing Crisis, Keep Americans In Their Homes

Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid today sent the following letter to President Bush, calling on him to work with Democrats to pass legislation that addresses the mortgage crisis, helps families threatened with foreclosure stay in their homes and strengthens the middle class. The text of the letter is below:   February 27, 2008   The President The White House Washington, DC 20500   Dear Mr. President:              On behalf of Senate Democrats, I write to express my disappointment upon learning that your senior advisors recommend that you veto the 2008 Foreclosure Prevention Act and strongly urge you to reject their advice and work with us to enact legislation that will address the housing crisis facing millions of… Read more »