Reid Statement on Confirmation of Wellinghoff to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Washington, DC—Senator Harry Reid of Nevada made the following statement today after the U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed Las Vegas resident Jon Wellinghoff to serve on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC):  “I recommended Commissioner Wellinghoff for this position because I firmly believed that the energy problems facing our nation called for a nominee of Jon’s caliber and experience. Commissioner Wellinghoff has worked to develop new innovations at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. He has made great process and I thank him for all that he has done to enhance energy efficiency and promote renewable energy. As expected, there is much more work to be done at FERC. I am deeply pleased that Commissioner Wellinghoff is dedicated to continuing his tenure… Read more »

Reid Hails Passage of Appropriations Bill

Washington, DC— U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada commended the passage of the omnibus appropriations bill, which included millions of dollars in funding for Nevada priorities.  In addition to funding key projects, the omnibus cuts funding to the proposed nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain by more than $108 million, a 22 percent reduction.“This bill contains funding for important Nevada projects.  Transportation, military, education, affordable housing, and health care are just some of the Nevada priorities that received funding from this legislation,” said Reid.  “Unlike spending bills passed during the previous Republican Congress that increase the nation’s debt, this legislation is fiscally responsible and ensures the government does what every Nevada family has to: live within a budget.”Below is a… Read more »

Reid Praises Senate Passage of Bill to Improve Courthouse Security in Nevada

Washington, DC— U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada praised Senate passage of a bill that will enhance courthouse security and protect judges and their families.“The Court Security Improvement Act authorizes funding to improve judicial security and helps protect court officials, witnesses and their family members,” said Reid.  “I first offered this bill on the Senate floor following the shooting of Judge Chuck Weller in Reno, and I’m pleased that my colleagues have now come together to pass this important legislation.”  Some of the highlights of the bill include: Requires U.S. Marshals to consult with the Judicial Conference about security needs Authorizes an additional $20 million for U.S. Marshals to enhance court security Enhances protections for judges’ personal information Provides penalties for publicizing… Read more »

Reid: Energy Bill The First Step Toward A Global Energy Revolution

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada made the following statement today as Congress sent President Bush an energy bill that raises fuel-efficiency standards for the first time in more than 30 years and strengthens our national security, economy and environment: “Democrats are committed to creating a long-term energy strategy, and this bill is an essential step in that direction.  Every time we fill up our cars or pay our heating bills, we are reminded just how drastically our energy policy needs reform.  Since President Bush took office, the costs of both gas at the pump and crude oil have more than doubled. “We are committed to an energy policy that invests in renewable energy, lowers gas prices, makes… Read more »

Reid Works to Improve Health Care for Nevada Children, Seniors, People with Disabilities

Washington, DC— U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada today commented on the passage of the Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 that will strengthen health care for Nevadans.“This legislation will help ensure that our health care system can keep working for Nevadans who need it most — including children, seniors, and people with disabilities,” said Reid.  “While I would have liked to do more on Medicare, this bill temporarily stops the scheduled 10 percent Medicare payment cut to Nevada doctors for treating Medicare patients. Instead, they will be provided a modest increase until Congress can revisit the issue next year. For seniors who depend on Medicare to get their rehabilitative care, the bill extends a special rule that… Read more »

Reid: FISA Bill Deserves Ample Debate

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada made the following statement today regarding the FISA bill: “The Senate is committed to improving our nation’s intelligence laws to fight terrorism while protecting Americans’ civil liberties. We need to take the time necessary to debate a bill that does just that, rather than rushing one through the legislative process. While we had hoped to complete the FISA bill this week, it is clear that is not possible.  With more than a dozen amendments to this complex and controversial bill, this legislation deserves time for thorough discussion on the floor. “We will consider this bill when we return in January. In the meantime, I again encourage the Director of National Intelligence and… Read more »

Reid Cuts $104.5 Million From Yucca Budget

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada announced today that in the negotiations over this year’s final appropriations bill, he was successful in cutting an additional $54.5 million from the budget for the Yucca Mountain Project. This cut, combined with the previous $50 million Reid was able to cut earlier this year, brings this year’s total Yucca Mountain budget cut to $104.5 million below the President’s request and last year’s level. “While the Department of Energy continues to move forward with a flawed license application on a scientifically and environmentally unsound project, I am proud that I was successful in cutting $104.5 million from Yucca’s Budget,” said Reid. “It is clear that the Yucca Mountain Project is a… Read more »

Reid Secures Study Into Air Quality at Great Basin National Park

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada today announced a victory in securing a Government Accountability Office (GAO) study into the adequacy of the current classification of Great Basin National Park as a Class II area under the Clean Air Act. Reid is confident the study will find that the Park should be reclassified as Class I according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s clean air standards, thus securing greater protection of air quality and visibility.“I am pleased that the GAO will look into the air quality at the Great Basin National Park. This is an important step toward ensuring that the Park remains pristine for future generations.   When the investigation is finished and the Park’s classification has been… Read more »

Reid Works to Promote Renewable Energy, Create Jobs

Washington, DC— Continuing his efforts to make Nevada the leader in renewable energy, U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada today sent a letter to the president of the Southern California Edison to encourage converting the Mohave Generating Station (MGS) from a coal plant into a solar power plant.The plant, located in Laughlin, was shut down in December 2005, because the plant’s owners, Southern California Edison (SCE) and other utilities including Nevada Power, refused to install required pollution controls.  There are no plans to restart the plant, which was a key source of jobs for the Hopi and Navajo tribes.   “When the plant closed down, the local communities and Native American tribes lost valuable jobs,” said Reid. “I am urging Southern… Read more »

Reid Lauds Completion of U.S. 95 Widening Project

Washington, D.C. – Today U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada celebrated the completion and subsequent opening of the widened U.S. 95 in Las Vegas. “The U.S. 95 Widening Project is the result of tremendous efforts to improve the quality of life for Nevadans and tourists that visit our state,” said Reid.  “Projects like this help reduce growing congestion and improve air quality. I’m thankful for the cooperation between the Nevada Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, along with the Regional Transportation Commission of Clark County and the cities here in Clark County. Together, we have all worked to develop a project that is reflective of Nevadans’ needs. I will continue working to make the Silver State a better… Read more »