Reid: President's Economic Report Fails To Acknowledge Challenges Facing Middle Class

Washington, DC—Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement today in response to President Bush’s economic report released today: “I am pleased that Democrats and Republicans have worked together to reach agreement on a short-term economic stimulus bill. Economists believe that this legislation will make a real difference in mitigating our current downturn. However, it is far from a panacea, and much more should be done to address our economy’s longer-term problems. “The President’s report today argues that the economy retains a solid foundation, but it fails to adequately reflect pressures on middle-class families that have been mounting for many years. The middle class is facing declining incomes, coupled with rising prices for everything from health care to gasoline to… Read more »

Reid Encourages Nevadans to Participate in Public Hearings on Yucca

Washington, DC— Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada sent a letter to fellow Nevadans this week, encouraging them to tell the Department of Energy how they feel about the proposal to use Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste dump during the Department’s hearings in Nevada this November and December. To read more on how Senator Reid is fighting against the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump click here. Here is the text of the letter: Dear ***,          For more than two decades, I have worked to keep high-level nuclear waste away from Yucca Mountain and out of Nevada. With the support of Nevadans like you, I am confident that together we will continue our successful track record and… Read more »

Reid: Senate Democrats Improve House Stimulus Plan To Help Seniors, Veterans

Washington, DC— Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement today announcing a bipartisan agreement on the economic stimulus plan:   “Two weeks ago most Senate Republicans were quick to endorse the House stimulus bill without any revisions, even though they knew it was inadequate.  I said back then that the Senate had two obligations: to improve the bill and to deliver a timely, temporary and targeted bill by Presidents’ Day Weekend.  Senate Democrats have kept those promises.   “It is our responsibility to pass the strongest bill that we can.  So I make no apologies for fighting to provide economic relief to as many deserving Americans as possible.  If we would have listened to the advice of the White… Read more »

Reid Unveils New Public Service Announcement Regarding Nevada's Foreclosure Crisis

Washington, D.C. –Nevada Senator Harry Reid today unveiled his latest public service announcement (PSA) to help Nevadans facing foreclosure.  In the PSA Reid announces the date for his next “Mobile Resource Center,” set for Monday, February 18th, at Cashman Center in Las Vegas. “The Silver State is facing a foreclosure crisis that is hurting Nevadans and weakening our economy,” said Reid.  “In Las Vegas alone the foreclosure rate has jumped an astonishing 200 percent.  But these aren’t just statistics.  There are people behind these numbers.  These people need to know that there are reliable and credible resources out there to help them.  I hope those in Southern Nevada will take advantage of the February 18 Mobile Resource Center.” Reid’s Mobile Resource Centers… Read more »

Reid: Bush Budget Raises Taxes, Harms Nevada's Middle Class

Washington, D.C. – On a conference call with Nevada reporters, Nevada Senator Harry Reid discussed how President Bush’s 2009 budget raises taxes for Nevada’s middle class. “President Bush’s priorities continue to be dramatically out of sync with Nevada’s working families,” said Reid. “His most recent budget blueprint is no different. It raises taxes on hundreds of thousands of Nevada families by excluding the sales tax deduction, as well as the deduction for college tuition. These are important deductions that Nevada families rely on. At a time when Nevada families are feeling the effects of a weakened economy, the president should not be trying to raise their taxes.” Sales Tax This deduction provided tax fairness to residents in states like Nevada that have no state… Read more »

Reid: Senate Democrats' Stimulus Plan Will Strengthen Economy, Improve On House Package

Washington, DC—Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement today on the floor of the U.S. Senate: “Each day now, newspapers around the country tell new stories of America’s economic troubles. Housing foreclosures are up dramatically in cities and towns throughout the country – including an astonishing rise of: More than 600 percent in Reno, Nevada; 200 percent in Las Vegas; 275 percent in Florida; and 300 percent in California. “Gas prices are well above $3 per gallon throughout the country. Heating costs are skyrocketing. And Friday, the Department of Labor’s jobs report showed that 17,000 non-farm jobs were cut in January. Seventeen thousand husbands, wives, sons and daughters no longer have a job. “After eight years of economic growth… Read more »

Reid Statement On President Bush's FY 2009 Budget

Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today in response to President Bush’s FY 2009 budget, which he released this morning: “The president’s budget represents more of the same policies that have gotten our country into the weakened economic position we’re experiencing today: a position that is hitting Nevada’s working families especially hard. “A president’s budget is a statement of his priorities and, once again, we are seeing President Bush’s priorities are out of sync with Nevada’s.  Take Yucca Mountain for example.  Despite the fact Congress cut his proposal by $108 million last year, President Bush requested $495 million again this year.  Clearly, he will not get that funding, which is half of what the Energy Department… Read more »

Reid: Jobs Report Underscores Urgency Of Strengthening Economy, Creating Jobs

Washington, DC—Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement today in response to a Department of Labor report that U.S. employers cut 17,000 non-farm jobs in January – the first time in nearly four-and-a-half years that payrolls shrank – with continuing losses in the construction and manufacturing sectors:  “Today’s report that 17,000 jobs disappeared last month is yet more evidence that President Bush’s assessment of the state of our economy is greatly misguided. While employers slow hiring and the economy stalls, Democrats are continuing to lead the way for change by both strengthening our economy in the short-term and addressing the long-term economic problems facing America’s middle class.  “In addition to sending Americans families checks to boost the economy in the… Read more »

Reid: Big Oil Rakes In Record Profits As Americans Pay Record Prices At The Pump

Washington, DC—Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement today in response to the release of annual profits from ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, ChevronTexaco and ConocoPhillips:  “While middle-class Americans’ wages decrease and their costs increase on everything from filling up their cars to heating their homes, today we learn that Big Oil raked in record profits of nearly $119 billion last year.  Americans are paying more than $3 a gallon at the pump – over a third more than we were paying at this time last year, and more than double what we paid before President Bush and his oil-friendly policies came to office. “Since the beginning of this Administration, Big Oil has earned more than half a trillion dollars in… Read more »

Reid Statement To Commemorate Black History Month

Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement marking the beginning of Black History Month.  “Today, as Nevada and the rest of the nation celebrate the first day of Black History Month, we pause to honor the contributions and successes of African Americans. These moments and individuals demand and deserve their rightful place in our nation’s history.  “While we recognize great national figures that fought against segregation and demanded that everyone be treated with equality and respect, let us also recognize great Nevadans who have made countless contributions toward achieving equality in the Silver State.  “Nevada leaders like Dr. James McMillan, former President of the Las Vegas NAACP, who was principal in the effort to integrate casinos… Read more »