Reid Statement On Tesla Coming To Nevada

Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today after the Nevada State Legislature voted to approve the creation of a new Tesla gigafactory in Nevada. “Today is an historic day in Nevada. It is a result of many years of developing our state’s renewable resources so that the nation and world saw Nevada as an innovator in energy technologies. In 2007, I could count on one hand the number of clean energy projects in Nevada – and they were just as small in size and production. Seven years later, our state has seen more than $6 billion in solar, wind and geothermal investments and we continue to grow. This did not happen by accident. It is an… Read more »

Reid Remarks On President Obama’s Strategy To Destroy ISIS

Last night, President Barack Obama delivered a stirring speech to the nation, outlining his blueprint for eradicating the ISIS threat, without repeating the mistakes of the past. The President made it clear that we will not rush into another ground war in the Middle East and we will not go it alone. Instead, America will lead a coalition that includes European and Arab nations in a targeted, strategic mission to destroy ISIS. American air strikes will be supported by local forces who, trained by U.S. military advisors, will assume the duties of defending and protecting their communities and homes.

Reid Remarks On 13th Anniversary of September 11th

I remember where I was. I was here in the Capitol, attending a leadership meeting that Leader Tom Daschle held every Tuesday in S-219, a room just off of the Senate floor. We turned on the TV and saw that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. We didn’t know what happened, but assumed that it was some terrible accident. Before long we had to evacuate the building – there was another plane coming for the Capitol. As I walked out of the room, I peered out the window and could see the thick black smoke billowing up from the Pentagon. That’s an image forever seared into my memory.

Reid Remarks On President Obama’s Strategy To Destroy ISIS

Yesterday, President Obama met with the four bipartisan leaders of the House and Senate to discuss the growing threat of Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Syria. This murderous group has taken over parts of Iraq with an unprecedented brutality and viciousness, going after civilians, women and children and trying to eliminate anyone who disagrees with them. They’ve targeted minorities, Christians, Shia’s, religious minorities, and American journalists. ISIS must be stopped. It must be destroyed.

Reid Announces More Than $29 Million For Transportation Improvements For Nevada’s Roads

Nevada Senator Harry Reid announced today $29.3 million in funding for transportation projects for Nevada. The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada will receive $13.3 million for Flamingo Corridor upgrades, which will implement improvements in shared bike and transit lanes, pedestrian lanes, and pavement along a 14 mile stretch of Flamingo Road.

Reid Remarks On Banning Dark Money In Politics

The senior Senator from Kentucky has a track record on campaign finance reform spanning two decades. I know because I was there with him 25 years ago fighting the undue influence of unlimited campaign donations. I co-sponsored his 1989 constitutional amendment that would have given Congress power to enact laws regulating the amount of independent expenditures. But times have changed.

Reid Remarks On Importance Of Banning Dark Money In Politics

Nevada Senator Harry Reid spoke on the Senate floor today on the importance of passing a constitutional amendment to stop the flood of dark money into our nation’s political system.

Reid Statement On President Obama’s Immigration Announcement

“The Senate passed a strong bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill over a year ago that secures our borders and requires undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows, pay their taxes and pass a background check before registering with the government…”