Reid Statement On Recent Rocket Attacks Against Israel

“I’m proud to stand with Israel in condemning the rocket attacks being carried out indiscriminately against Israelis by Hamas. Israelis must know that the United States stands with them. It is at the times of greatest challenge that we must reaffirm America’s unshakeable bond with Israel and our strong support for the security and safety of its people.”

Reid Remarks Following Senate Republican Filibuster Of The Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act

For those students that are out there trying to learn what goes on in the Senate, and for those professors who teach what goes on in the Senate, this is not totally new but it’s in the category of being fairly new. This is an example of Republicans filibustering not one of our bills, but their own bill. How about that? Twenty-six Republican cosponsors and they filibustered their own bill. We have asked on a number of occasions what we’ve done around this body for decades, you come up with a list of amendments and we’ll work through those amendments. You know why we don’t do that anymore? The Republicans can’t agree among themselves what they want as amendments. They can’t come up with a list. They’re so tangled up with the tea party here, the tea party there, the people running for President. You know, they can’t decide on a list of amendments to bring before the body.

Reid Remarks On Republican Obstruction of Nominations

We have problems all over the world. We have the war in Afghanistan, we have problems in Pakistan, and the Middle East, which every country there is in some form of difficulty. We have problems in the Far East, all kinds of problems there.

Reid Remarks At The Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony Honoring Raoul Wallenberg

Raoul Wallenberg fought for thousands upon thousands of Hungarian Jews, whose predetermined fate he refused to accept. It was his audacity and courage which led him to create the “Schutzpass,” the Swedish protective passport that Wallenberg and his team disbursed to Jews in Budapest. Wallenberg had the audacity and the courage to purchase safe houses for Jewish refugees, labeling the buildings as “Swedish territory,” and draping the windows with Swedish flags. Wallenberg had the audacity and the courage to dress young, blond, Jewish Hungarians in Nazi uniforms, stationing them outside of protective shelters, effectively marking those safe houses ‘off limits’ to the Germans and their sympathizers.

Reid Remarks On House Republicans’ Baseless Lawsuit Against President Obama

Tommy Lasorda’s tirades were intended to divert attention away from his team, especially if they were losing. And he put on a show. He was famous for kicking dirt, bumping chests and cursing loudly, and he would inevitably get ejected from the game. But it was a gimmick – a distraction meant to sidetrack one side and rally the other.

House Republicans are trying a similar tactic by threatening to bring suit against the President of the United States. Republicans are searching desperately for something – anything – to keep the radicals within their own party happy, while diverting the American people’s attention away from their own inaction.

Reid Remarks On The Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act

It’s no secret that the Senate, as of late, has been beset by partisan rancor and obstructionism. That is why the legislation that is before us today represents rare opportunity for the Senate – a chance for this body to complete work on a bill that enjoys broad bipartisan support.

Photo: In Meeting With Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development Nominee Julián Castro, Reid Stresses Need For Sustained Focus On Affordable Housing

Nevada Senator Harry Reid met with Julián Castro, nominee to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, yesterday to discuss Nevada’s housing market and ways in which the lives of struggling homeowners in the Silver State can be improved. Senator Reid stressed that while many states have fully recovered from the housing crisis, those hardest hit states, like Nevada, still have a long way to go. Reid emphasized to Castro the importance of providing continued housing assistance to those who need it.

Reid Remarks On Republican Obstruction

A lot of young people may not understand what I’m talking about when I mention an emergency brake or a parking brake on a car. It used to be standard procedure to engage the parking brake anytime the car was parked. When ready to drive you would remember to release it before you took off. But sometimes you would forget, and that car would still go forward, but it didn’t go forward very well. In fact it could start smoking.