Reid Statement On House Republican Vote To Sue President Obama

“Today’s House vote is nothing more than a political stunt designed to distract from Republicans’ bankrupt agenda, which does nothing to create jobs or strengthen America’s middle class. Rather than acting to fix our broken immigration system, working to raise the minimum wage, or fighting to ensure a fair shot for all Americans, House Republicans are pursuing a meritless lawsuit at a cost of millions of dollars to American tax payers. Speaker Boehner should put aside this ill-fated venture, end stunts like Republicans’ calls for impeachment, and leave the chest-bumping and dirt kicking charade to baseball managers.”

Reid Statement On Senate Republicans Vote To Send American Jobs Overseas

Today, Senate Republicans have voted yet again to keep American workers from having a fair shot at a good, secure job. This bill would have ended the ridiculous practice of American taxpayers picking up the tab for companies moving abroad and sending American jobs overseas. In Nevada alone, this bill would have protected 150,000 jobs.

Reid Remarks Calling On Senate Republicans To Vote To Keep American Jobs From Going Overseas

The Bring Jobs Home Act tackles the growing problem of American jobs being shipped overseas. By fighting “outsourcing,” as it’s called, the Bring Jobs Home Act could potentially protect over 21 million American jobs. Any time an American company closes a factory or a plant in America, and moves operations to another country, taxpayers pick up part of the moving bill. The Bring Jobs Home Act ends senseless tax breaks for outsourcers. It ends the ridiculous practice of American taxpayers funding the outsourcing of their own jobs.

Reid Remarks Condemning The United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution Against Israel

Hamas perpetrated this conflict. They wantonly fire rockets into Israel, and they don’t care who they hit. Hamas has fired over 2,500 rockets into Israel during this 3-week conflict. In fact, on the very day the UN Human Rights Council exonerated Hamas, Hamas fired dozens of rockets into Israel. And these aren’t firecrackers. These rockets are very violent, powerful weapons.

Reid Remarks On The Importance Of Passing The VA Compromise Bill

The legislation crafted by Senator Sanders and Representative Miller will help prevent more American veterans from falling through the cracks of a broken VA system. The compromise will allow veterans facing long delays in health care to seek care outside of the VA, at private doctors’ offices, community health centers, or military bases.

Reid Remarks On The Importance Of Passing Critical Aid To Israel, Emergency Funding To Fight Wildfires

Right now our friends, the people of Israel, are under attack. Hamas continues to indiscriminately fire thousands of rockets into Israel, with the sole objective of inflicting casualties on somebody, anybody. I was watching the News Hour, and they had commentary section from David Brooks and Mark Shields. David Brooks aptly noted that what Hamas is doing represents “a rare moment in military history where a party rejects a cease-fire in order to get more of their own people killed.” And that is what is happening; Hamas is saying ‘kill some more of our people.’

Reid Statement On VA Reform Compromise

“I am committed to fixing the problems at the VA. This bipartisan legislation ensures that veterans in Nevada, and throughout the country, receive the care they deserve. Chairmen Sanders and Miller produced a good bill. We will need cooperation from Republicans to move this legislation quickly but I am optimistic that we will be able to pass it this week.”

Reid Announces $1 Million Urban Area Security Initiative Grant For Las Vegas

Nevada Senator Harry Reid today announced that Las Vegas will receive $1 million from the Department of Homeland Security because of the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grant. This grant comes as part of a larger grant for Nevada including $3.7 million for the State Homeland Security Program.

Reid Remarks In Remembrance of Special Agent John Gibson And Officer Jacob Chestnut

There are people here who are assigned to do everything they can to keep this magnificent Capitol safe. In 1998, two of those dedicated police officers gave their lives while protecting the Capitol. They were Special Agent John Gibson and Officer Jacob Chestnut. I know nothing can make up for the loss of a cherished loved one, but I hope their families and friends take some comfort knowing that those of us who were here that day hold them in our memories and in our hearts.