Reid: Bush Republicans Stall AMT, then Complain It's Not Moving Fast Enough

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada made the following statement today after Senate Republicans objected to a unanimous consent request to move to the Temporary Tax Relief Act of 2007, which would extend Alternative Minimum Tax relief:“Despite the President’s warning to Republicans that we must move quickly on the AMT, they have again chosen to block this necessary reform at the expense of 19 million American families, including 150,000 Nevadans, who will be forced to pay this tax next spring if we don’t take action by the end of the year.   “After blocking our efforts to hold three votes on AMT last month, they again stood in the way today.  Bush Republicans are slow-walking this important bill even as they complain it is not getting done.  The millions of Americans whose tax filings will be disrupted by Republicans’ underhanded strategy will not stand for this hypocrisy, and neither will we.  Democrats are moving forward to resolve this matter.”