Reid Greeting on Passover Holiday

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Hong Kong, China – Nevada Senator Harry Reid today gave the following greeting on the holiday of Passover:

“I extend my warm wishes to Nevada’s Jewish community as it celebrates the festival of Passover. By commemorating the deliverance from slavery during the spring season we usher in a new spirit of hope. By sharing that sacred history with our children we pass on that spirit to the next generation.

“Passover is also a time of serious reflection and we take time to consider all those who are persecuted and enslaved in today’s world. We focus especially on the state of Israel, under constant threat from terrorism and states that support terrorism. Like all Americans dedicated to democracy, Nevada and its Jewish community have supported Israel for generations.

“We will continue to stand with Israel against those who would threaten it, and we join Jews in Nevada and throughout the Diaspora as they say with hope at the conclusion of the Seder, ‘next year in Jerusalem!’”


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