Reid Highlights Importance of Harnessing Nevada's Alternative Energy

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 Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada released the following statement announcing his opposition to a proposed dirty coal-burning power plant near Ely, Nevada, and his commitment to clean alternative energy as a means of sustainable economic development for Nevada.

“Nevada should be a national leader in renewable energy and energy independence. Building another inefficient and polluting coal plant in the heart of our state would be a gigantic step away from that goal.”

“I will oppose the construction of such plants so we can direct our full attention and resources to developing a strong renewable energy industry in Nevada. That would create thousands more jobs than these proposed coal plants and deliver clean, affordable and reliable electricity to Nevada and the whole West forever. Nevada is blessed with abundant renewable energy resources like sun, wind, and geothermal, that are much more sensible for the environment, the economy, and Nevada’s energy independence, than the dirty coal-fired power plants proposed in eastern Nevada.”

“I have continued and will keep working on legislation to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Improving federal energy policy and tax incentives could create more than 3,000 Nevada jobs, mostly in rural areas like White Pine county—that’s many more jobs than a single coal plant which would not only pollute White Pine County, but the entire state and region.”

“I am committed to making Nevada a leader in renewable energy. I want to move our State in a direction that really expands our economy in a more sustainable way that doesn’t pollute air and water throughout the West. I will do all I can to make Nevada a national leader in clean energy.”

To read the letter Sen. Reid sent to energy and elected officials in Nevada and maps showing where renewable energy can be developed in Nevada, click here.

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