Reid highlights Republicans’ dangerous plan to end Social Security as we know it

Senators Harry Reid, Tom Harkin, Bernie Sanders, Al Franken and Richard Blumenthal told Republicans to “Back Off Social Security” during an event with more than 300 of the program’s supporters. The senators discussed the GOP’s dangerous plan to privatize Social Security, ending the program as we know it.

Republicans’ dangerous spending plan also calls for draconian cuts to the Social Security Administration, which could lead to delays in the distribution of benefits.

“Seventy-five years ago, our nation made the promise that if you work hard and contribute, America will make sure you can retire in dignity. That promise is called Social Security, and it’s a promise that must never be broken,” Sen. Reid said. “But Republicans have shown they couldn’t care less about those who have the least. Their plan on Social Security is simple, and it’s this: end it. They use words like ‘privatize’ and ‘personalize.’ But they’re all code words for the same thing: ending Social Security as we know it.”