Reid Lauds Increased Federal Funding To Help Unemployed Homeowners

 Las Vegas, LV- Nevada Senator Harry Reid today welcomed the news that the Department of Treasury will send $34 million to Nevada to help unemployed homeowners.  The money will be used to help people who are in danger of foreclosure because they have lost their jobs and are still unemployed. This money comes from the Treasury’s Hardest Hit Fund and will be directed to the NV Housing Division upon approval of their plan for using these monies. The Department of Housing and Urban Development also announced a program included in the Wall Street Reform bill that will assist these Nevadans by making available emergency zero-interest home loans for unemployed homeowners.
“Nevada is still on the road to recovery and every investment we can make is a necessary investment,” said Reid. “This money is going where it makes the most difference. It will help Nevadans who have lost their jobs, through no fault of their own, and now face losing their homes. As we continue to turn the tide toward recovery, funding that supports unemployed homeowners and gives them the option of zero-interest loans that could save their homes is more important than ever. This is why we passed the Wall Street reform bill, to end bailouts for banks and support everyday Nevada families that need help.”