Reid Meets With Nevada Hospital Association

Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid met yesterday with representatives from the Nevada Hospital Association (NHA) to discuss health insurance reform and how changes will help Nevada’s hospitals better serve patients. In attendance were NHA Vice President of Operations Eva LaBarge, NHA Chairman Jason Bleak, NHA Vice Chairman Jim Miller, NHA Treasurer Chris Bosse, Desert View Hospital CEO Susan Davila, Desert View Hospital Chief of Staff Dr. C. King Bibby, Humboldt General Hospital CEO Jim Parrish, Rural Health Group President Mark Stoddard and Rural Health Group Vice President Ken Richens.

“The changes enacted through health insurance reform will help hospitals and medical professionals see more patients and provide high quality care. Health insurance reform gives access to care for those without health insurance while reducing the financial burden on hospitals created by uncompensated care,” said Reid. “I will continue to work with the Nevada Hospital Association as the new law improves and expands medical care programs that benefit all Nevadans”