Reid: On 9/11, Remember Our Challenges

“My fellow Nevadans and I join the rest of this great nation in remembrance of the tragic events of that fateful day 10 year ago. And we will mourn the thousands of innocent lives lost in New York, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon.
“We will never forget the events of that Tuesday morning, which dawned so clear and blue, or how they changed our nation.
“But we should also remember the spirit of unity and determination that blossomed amidst the darkness of that day.
“In the weeks and months that followed, we were not Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, Red states and Blue states. We were Americans one and all.
“Beneath the partisanship of Washington, that is as true today as it was ten years ago.
“That doesn’t mean we will not disagree. In fact, the same freedom that allows us to disagree is the root of our Democracy.
“But it does mean we must work together in the best interest of this great nation – and in the interests of every man or woman who calls America home – no matter how difficult.
“Today, the greatest challenge facing this country is putting 14 million Americans back to work and returning our economy to prosperity. I look forward to tackling that that challenge as one nation.”