Reid On President Obama's Nominee To Head The U.S. Department Of Transportation

Washington, D.C.Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement after President Obama nominated Mayor Anthony Foxx of Charlotte, North Carolina, to head the United States Department of Transportation. Mayor Foxx is credited with helping jump start Charlotte’s economy through targeted investments in public transportation.
“I applaud President Obama for nominating Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx as Secretary of Transportation. Mayor Foxx transformed Charlotte by prioritizing infrastructure investment and his track record shows he understands that American businesses need a cutting-edge transportation network to compete in the global economy. I am confident that Mayor Foxx will continue Secretary Ray LaHood’s legacy of making smart investments that make our roads, rails and airways safer for all Americans and their families.

“I look forward to Mayor Foxx’s confirmation in the Senate, which I hope will be speedy given his impeccable credentials. Americans who rely on our transportation system deserve nothing less than a prompt and fair confirmation process.”