Reid, Senate Democrats Roll out Agenda for Winning the Future by Cutting Spending, Creating High-Paying Jobs and Keeping America Competitive

Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid was joined by fellow Senate Democratic leaders to unveil a detailed plan to create jobs, promote growth and help America win the future by making smart investments in education, innovation and infrastructure while cutting spending to live within our means. Senate Democrats also announced their support for President Obama’s five-year spending freeze, which will save $400 billion over the ten years and bring domestic discretionary spending to the lowest levels since President Eisenhower.

Senators Reid, Dick Durbin, Charles E. Schumer and Patty Murray detailed legislative priorities that will chart a course for meeting the goal set in President Obama’s State of the Union of out-educating, out-innovating and out-building the rest of the world. The agenda balances the need for critical investments with a serious commitment to deficit reduction.
“While Republicans say ‘so be it’ to the unemployed, Senate Democrats are working to create jobs and make America more competitive,” Sen. Reid said. “That means making smart choices about cutting waste and excess, and living within our means. As we reduce government spending and cut the deficit, we will continue to create jobs and strengthen our future by becoming the world leader in clean energy, reviving American manufacturing and preparing our workforce for the jobs of tomorrow.”
Democrats’ plan also calls for reforms to the tax code by cracking down on cheaters, eliminating inefficient loopholes and ending giveaways to billionaires and special interests.
“In order to win the future, Democrats are proposing an agenda that will help us out-innovate, out-build and out-educate our competition,” Sen. Durbin said. “This agenda will help us create jobs, reduce the deficit and maintain our position as a world leader in science and innovation.”
To out-innovate our competitors, the plan calls for expanding tax credits for research and development, investing in clean energy technologies and more efficient buildings and homes, reforming our patent process and increasing cyber security.
“Rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure is a must-do. In addition to putting Americans to work, it will allow people and goods to travel more efficiently and speed the flow of commerce,” Sen. Schumer said. “We deliberately prioritized policies that had strong potential for gaining bipartisan consensus. We will promote each of these policies at the same time that we get serious about deficit reduction. Our commitment to a five-year spending freeze will make good on the President’s call to balance critical investments that create jobs with a commitment to reducing waste in the budget.”
To out-build our competitors and create the infrastructure we need to compete in a global marketplace, the Democrats’ agenda calls for modernization of air travel, transportation, internet, manufacturing and electric grid infrastructure, measures that will create jobs.
“We can and we will out-educate our global competitors and build a highly-skilled workforce for the 21st century,” Sen. Murray said. “We will improve the Workforce Investment Act, fix No Child Left Behind, and make the College Tuition Tax Credit permanent. This Democratic education and workforce agenda is what competing is all about.”
To out-educate our competitors and make sure American workers can compete for the high-paying jobs of today and tomorrow, Democrats’ plan also calls for reforms to the nation’s education system to ensure a competitive workforce, and college tax credits that will expand opportunities for American workers.
Full text of the agenda is below.