Reid Shares Health Care Letters from Nevadans

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Nevada Senator Harry Reid spoke today about letters he has received asking for help with the high cost of health care. The messages come from Nevadans facing different challenges. They all underscore the urgent need to repair and reform our broken health care system. “We believe in protecting existing coverage when it is good, improving it when it is not, and guaranteeing health care for the millions who have none,” said Reid after sharing portions of the letters on the Senate floor.

Nevada ranks number two in the nation of 18-64 year-olds without medical insurance.

During his remarks, Reid urged his colleagues to join him in ensuring quality, affordable care for all who need it. Reid is committed to lowering the high costs of health care; ensuring every Nevadan has access to care; and letting people choose their own doctors, hospitals and health plans.

To write your own message to Senator Reid, click here.

For the text of Reid’s remarks on the Senate floor this morning, click here.

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