Reid Statement On Ending Coal And Increasing Renewables In Nevada

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Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement after the Nevada Legislature passed pieces of energy legislation that would close Nevada’s remaining coal-fired plants while increasing renewable energy production and strengthening the renewable portfolio standard:

“Nevada has the potential to be the epicenter for clean energy in our country, but we must do everything we can to realize this potential. Closing loopholes in Nevada’s renewable portfolio standard, building more renewable energy, and shutting the dirty relic known as Reid-Gardner are important steps forward.

“For some time, I have focused on building Nevada’s substantial clean energy resources and closing coal plants because Nevada has so much to gain by becoming energy independent.  I have urged the state and its utility to focus on developing our resources because they cannot be outsourced and they do not pollute our pristine air. I have tried to do everything in my power at the federal level to allow Nevada to realize its potential and will continue to do so in the future.   No legislation is perfect, but I realize that legislation is the art of compromise, and I am pleased we have taken this important step forward for Nevada.”


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