Reid Statement On Progress To Create A Program To Help Uninsured Nevadans With Pre-Existing Conditions

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Washington D.C.— Nevada Senator Harry Reid today commented on the progress the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has made in establishing a high-risk pool program that will be a major help for many uninsured Nevadans who have pre-existing conditions.

“I’m pleased that HHS is making great strides in creating a high-risk pool program that will provide uninsured Nevadans with pre-existing conditions with coverage beginning this summer,” Reid said. “Under the HHS plan announced today, our state would be allotted $61 million in federal funding for coverage, which is a direct result of the new health care reform law. I look forward to working with state officials and with HHS to ensure it operates smoothly.

“Nevada currently has no high-risk pool whatsoever, which means this program will be even more important for families and individuals who haven’t been able to get coverage because of a pre-existing condition. This pool will complement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s other early reforms, particularly for children who will no longer be subject to pre-existing condition exclusions in private insurance beginning later this year.”


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