Reid Statement On Small Business Week

 Washington, D.C.— Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement recognizing the important role of Nevada’s small businesses:
“One of the most important things we can do to help Nevada’s economy recover is support small business. These businesses are the primary creator of jobs and keep local economies growing. Their success reflects the entrepreneurial spirit that drives innovation and makes our state more competitive. Simply put, as small businesses go, so goes Nevada’s economy.
“But these businesses also need extra help during the recession. Many of the participants in a seminar my office hosted on the economic-recovery package came from small businesses. They were looking for the kind of grants and tax credits that can boost production and allow them to hire more workers. This money is starting to come to Nevada and make a difference for small business owners and the communities they serve. We are also working to put banks in a position where they will begin lending again and freeing up the capital that keeps our economy moving on a daily basis.
“The economic recovery package is only one part of what we are doing for small businesses. We also authorized the Obama Administration to support small business lending programs through enhancements that will make it easier for businesses to access credit.  We also passed a bill cracking down on fraud to protect legitimate enterprise. We passed housing legislation that will make improvements to existing programs to support the housing market and prevent foreclosures, a significant step given the importance of the housing market to Nevada’s small-business community.  We are beginning work on health care reform, which represents the largest cost to small business owners. I understand well that our small businesses move our economy forward and I will continue to work to with them to strengthen and create jobs in our state.”