Reid Statement on the President's Climate Change Announcement

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Washington, D.C.—Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement after President Obama announced a plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants, prepare the nation for the impacts of climate change, and lead international efforts to address climate change.

“I agree with President Obama: We need to end the limitless dumping of carbon pollution into our air. In recent years, Americans have endured devastating droughts, wildfires and floods, while our coastal communities have been battered by destructive storms. These extreme weather events hurt our economy and exact a terrible human toll.

“President Obama’s plan will create jobs by encouraging investment in clean energy and energy efficiency, and strengthening our nation’s resilience to extreme weather and climate impacts. I have personally seen how smart energy policies are creating jobs in Nevada.

“Just as important, the President’s plan is a step towards restoring our international leadership on an issue that affects every nation, and which requires international cooperation to reach a global solution. I look forward to working with the Administration as they implement these important measures.”


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