I take great pride in helping Nevadans who have questions or concerns involving various federal agencies. Having a problem with a federal agency can be frustrating. I have qualified caseworkers in my state offices to assist you in these situations and provide guidance and answers.

Constituents frequently ask questions regarding Social Security benefits, military issues, Veterans’ Administration concerns, immigration problems, and difficulties with the Internal Revenue Service. Although some inquiries can be handled over the phone, others require written correspondence to the agency.

If you would like my office to contact an agency on your behalf, please complete my privacy release form (Spanish) and return it via mail or fax it to one of my state offices. When filling out a privacy release form, it is vital that you clearly describe your problem and include all pertinent information regarding your situation (previous contacts with the agency, case numbers, paperwork filed to date, etc.).

Detailed information is available in the following areas:

Other federal problems:

Any other federal problems should be addressed by forwarding my privacy release form (Spanish)  to one of my nearest state offices.

State Government Issues:

State agencies in Nevada do not fall within my jurisdiction as United States Senator. If you have an issue with a state agency please contact the Nevada Governor’s Office.

Legal Issues:

The Senate Ethics Committee prohibits United States Senators from becoming involved in the judicial process. If you are having legal problems, you may wish to contact an attorney for assistance. You can find referral programs through the State Bar of Nevada.

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